2121  web series
The day of reckoning is near...

2121 is a 7-episode web series, filmed in Melbourne in 2019, with production funding from Screen Australia.

It stars TV legend Gary Sweet, and Briar Rose (AMC’s The Dead Lands). Read more at www.2121series.com

“In the year 2121, all of society is controlled by Counsel, an all-knowing AI who logs and analyses every move citizens make. The unnamed city wherein 2121 takes place is under a hard-socialist rule—vocations are decided by aptitude tests, all resources are shared, and every year each citizen must complete a recitizenship test, to justify every action they have taken throughout the year. If at any time a citizen breaks any of Counsel’s numerous rules, they will be expelled to the Outlands—a wasteland outside the city walls, without the benefits of its clean air and water.

Inevitably, from the depths of the misery of this society, a revolution is forming. A group called Defiance is planning a complex attack on Counsel, aiming to bring down both the AI and those who serve it. They have spent months recruiting members, turning assets in high places, and cooking up their own brand of digital weaponry—and now it’s time to put their plan into action…”

2121: CAST

Geoff – Gary Sweet
Mia – Briar Rose
Rick – Liam Howarth
Karen — Sandy Morrison
Cassie — Michaela Celeste
Patsy — Daisy Masterman
Ray —Jeni Bezuidenhout
Jackson — Adam Rowland
Meredith — Abigail King
Silas — Jeffery Richards
Finnegan — Malith Jay
Andrew — Jonathan Weir
Beth — Chloe Towan
Samuel — Mitchell Brotz
Brianna — Kadey Mac
Percy — Benji Groenewegen
Elaine — Maree Barnett

2121: CREW

Created by Jenna Cosgrove
Produced by Jenna Cosgrove, Briar Rose, Thomas Petrakos
Directed by Jenna Cosgrove, Briar Rose, Thomas Petrakos
Cinematographer – Andrea Joshua Asnicar
Full crew list at www.2121series.com