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Jenna Cosgrove is an experienced script editor, with a focus on genre. If you need help with your science fiction, thriller, or horror script, look no further! She has a deep understanding of genre conventions and a wide breadth of knowledge of sub-genres and historical contexts. She is strong on structure, for both feature and TV, and also focuses heavily on character in her evaluations. She is particularly experienced at analysing female characters, and finding the balance between representation and appropriation for minority characters, which is vital in today's social climate.


Jenna was trained in script evaluation at RMIT, under Sundance alumni Tim Marshall, and was trained in story development under world-renowned development consultant Angeli MacFarlane. She has been mentored by Tom Benedek, writer of Oscar-winning science fiction classic Cocoon (directed by Ron Howard), in script assessment and rewriting, and worked with Emmy-winning producers providing script coverage. Jenna has worked as a reader for major screenplay contests including the Austin Film Festival, and has provided coverage on over 70 scripts in the past year.



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